Kitchen Countertops

“Kitchen countertops are the focal point of the room, that is why one should carefully select the surface that is right for that family.”


All other aspects of the kitchen are going to be selected to coordinate with the countertops in a way that creates a organic design scheme. In some cases, ceramic tile could be used, since this would add more texture to the kitchen. Others might prefer granite tops, in order to create a uniform finish. Granite is often utilized in in smaller kitchens, since the smooth finish gives the appearance of larger counter areas.
Since there are so many different options to chose from and each surface has its own specific advantages and disadvantages we have provided a list of countertops below. We hope this information will help you navigate you in deciding which surface to go with as you consider your new remodeled kitchen. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us with any questions. One of our representatives will gladly assist you in finding the right countertop.


  1. Granite Countertops: Granite is a beautiful countertop material and with the amount of granite suppliers, the price is not as expensive as it once was. Granite is a natural stone and embodies the image of beauty in a kitchen. Because we use a lot of granite in our kitchen designs, we are able to get high quality at a great price. From small to large kitchens, choosing granite will make a big impact. Granite is heat resistant and will virtually last a lifetime. Because it is natural, it comes in a range of many different styles and colors. An investment in granite means added value to your home for any potential home buyers. We seal all of the granite we install with special sealants that make it virtually maintenance free.
  2. Engineered Stone: Engineered stone is a man-made stone countertop that is composed of a natural substance (quartz) and materials to ensure its longevity. Because it is engineered, it is available in a vast color palette to match the style of any kitchen. And, unlike stone, the surface is non-porous so it resists stains and scratches. Once installed in your kitchen, no sealing is required. The brands we carry include Silestone and Zodiaq among other popular suppliers.
  3. Ceramic Tile: Ceramic is a great inexpensive choice for counters. They are inexpensive, come in a variety of styles, are durable, and very easy to clean. Whatever the style of your kitchen, we can find the right texture and design to compliment it. And, ceramic is not susceptible to heat like many other counter materials. Our remodelers are careful to prepare the surface of your counter so each tile will be even and we seal the grout after we are finished to ensure your grout will not become stained through use.
  4. Laminates: A laminate countertop is very easy to clean and is made by a variety of manufacturers including Formica and Wilsonart. The laminate is basically a plastic like material with a very smooth surface usually laid on top of layers of compressed plywood or particle board. Laminate comes in sections, a variety of colors, is long lasting, and is very easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Marble: As granite countertops drop in price because of their wide availability, marble countertops continue to be one of the most expensive kitchen counters available today. If you like the look of marble, we recommend using it as an accent piece rather then your entire kitchen such as used on a kitchen island. Our contractors will professionally seal your marble to make is stain resistant but may still need periodic resealing. Marble is a beautiful accent look to any kitchen.
  6. Concrete Countertops: Concrete is the new kitchen countertop of choice. The countertops are fabricated right in your kitchen and can be styled to any shape, color, or pattern – and we do mean any. And, because they are poured right in your kitchen, they will always be seamless. While you may not think of concrete as an expensive countertop, it does come with a high price tag because of the skill and artisan craft that goes into each cast of stone. While it is quite expensive, no one will ever have the same countertop as you as each one is unique.
This information should help you decide which countertop would work best for your kitchen. If you still have questions please give us a call today at 201-444-9111 or complete our request estimate form.
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