Kitchen Back Splash Design

“Give your kitchen a custom look by adding a backsplash to accentuate the overall design scheme.”


The back splash will be the glue that holds your kitchen together. Bringing all the various elements of the room into one, instead of seperate peices. A backsplash can consist of tiles, stone, or countertop material that is arranged in a pattern behind the countertop and between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets. When developing a kitchen design, see the backsplash as a unique point of style that completes the kitchen design. Albright offers unique backsplash design ideas to turn your kitchen into a one of a kind masterpiece. The only complex element when developing the perfect backsplash design is the endless options available. When we design your kitchen, we will show you the backsplash styles and themes that will best suit your plan.


When you look at kitchens in magazines, there are many facets that may attract you and others than can turn you off. Perhaps some kitchens used good lighting where others had custom cabinets and high end appliances. Whatever design grabbed you the most, there was probably an elegant backsplash that brought the kitchen together as the focal point. The right design can unify a kitchen whereas the wrong choices leave a kitchen in disarray. When our remodelers design your kitchen, they take many factors into consideration, the most important being coordinating the elements in your kitchen into one unified picture of beauty. If you want a backsplash but don’t even have a preliminary design in mind, there are many different designs that represent various style concepts. If its the modern, rustic look or the unique italian style that draws your eye, our industry professionals can help you decide.


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