Unsung Heroes…The violin plays for the Electrician

How the modern Electrician helps society to function as a whole

Often overlooked and underrated electrical contractors soothe our needs as a community. In fact, the services rendered by electricians are largely overlooked. Only the Electrician himself actullay understands the magnitude of their work. This is ironic considering that electricians serve the needs of each and every member of society in one way or the other. If electricians stopped working today, almost everything in modern life that relies on electricity (which is just about everything) will come to a screaming halt.

Electrical contractors are responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and repair of a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial systems. They are also expected to provide the electrical parts & supplies necessary for all those projects. Their work therefore affects all private and public sectors of our society.

In their maintenance and repair work, electricians perform a variety of services including the upgrade and repair of electrical boxes, control panels, electric motors, electrical panels, concealed wiring and underground wiring. It was Edison’s idea and their sweat that keeps everything working. They are also counted on for life safety devices such as street lights, parking lot lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lights and security lighting. In the event of an electrical emergency, they are often called at the same time as the Police and Fire Departments, and ready to respond 24/7.

From high voltage to low voltage Electricians guard and protect every part of your homes central nervous system. Like a doctor they often have to diagnosis problems and quickly find a solution to keep your house going strong (electrically). On a larger scale they also work in our power generation plants and maintain the cables that deliver high voltage electricity to our neighborhoods and homes.

Being an Electrician requires continuing education and the ability to stay on top of technology’s latest trends. Unlike other jobs where the employee is only responsible to show up and perform a task. Being an Electrician often requires a lot of reading and algebraic skills are a must. With the emergence of Solar and Wind technology electricians are faced with new challenges every day and new hurdles constantly arise.

So lets put our hands together and give it up for the man behind the curtain “The Electrician”.


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