Residential Sizing Guide

At Albright Generators are our specialty. We take the guess work out of sizing requirements and provide our customers with an appropriately sized generator. A Standby Generator is a big purchase and requires the home owner to be informed of the entire process from start to finish. At Albright we will do our best to explain every detail of the installation to ensure a satisfactory install.


Site Survey

Every home is different and your requirements differ from your neighbors, that’s why Albright offers a free site survey to determine your exact needs. A site survey takes about an hour and will help Albright to determine your exact needs as well as the potential location of the generator. We answer all questions and explain the entire process of installation. During this time Albright will also discuss the three basic types of installation.


Essential Circuit Coverage

When you are on a budget this the way to go these prepackaged systems are designed to cover just the essentials. You start off by making a list of the appliances that are absolutely necessary. This type of install will not power the whole home but it will power the circuits that are important to you. While everyone’s needs are different the basics are the same, lights, heat, refrigerator, etc. After the basics are covered the more specific needs can be met. This type of install allows to install a smaller sized generator to allow for the minimal cost of install.


Complete Whole House Coverage

This type of install will power up everything in your home. The generator must be sized to power everything in the home all at once. Typically you want to provide 25% more power than needed, so as not to run the generator at max. Most homes can be powered with a 17kw or larger. The transfer switch must be sized according to the homes incoming service. If your home has a 200 amp service you need a 200 amp service rated transfer switch, if you have a 150 amp service then you need a 150 amp transfer switch. This type of install will cover everything in your home regardless of the number of circuits.  When the power goes out, everything comes on and stays on!


Managed Whole House Coverage

This type of install is perfect for a home with many large draw electrical appliances. The Generac Nexus controller has built in load shedding technology which allows the transfer switch to shed some loads if the generator is overloaded. This type of install is possible due to the fact that we don’t use all of our appliances at the same time. The transfer switch can be setup to give priority to your most important circuits first, then if the generator still has power available it will power up your additional appliances. This is our most popular solution because it allows the entire home to be protected while still being budget friendly.


Contact Albright for a system tailored to your needs.

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