LEDs in Retail Stores


Lighting in retail stores is crucial. Light is needed to provide the right mood for shopping, highlight items the store wants to sell, illuminate display cases and to create a unique identity in the shoppers mind.

Lighting is an essential part of the business strategy of successful retail stores. Most successful stores know the exact amount of footcandles their stores require. Light is needed to provide the right mood for shopping, highlight items the store wants to sell, illuminate display cases and to create a unique identity in the shoppers mind.

Retail stores come with high utility bills due to the many different types of lighting they utilize. It is not uncommon to see track lighting, recessed lighting, task lighting, wall wash fixtures, general lighting, ambiance lighting and many other types of light fixtures all in one store. Making their lighting electricity bill a major factor in their operating costs. US DOE (United States Department Of Energy) estimates that 42% of the utility bills in retail stores can be equated to lighting.

According to the DOE EIA (Energy Information Administration), there is about 10 billion square feet of retail space in the U.S. and roughly there is about 90 Billion KWH of electricity is used every year by these retailers.  Out of this 90 billion about 37 billion kwh are used for lighting. With the emergence of LED lighting these numbers are dropping drastically.

LED lighting savings

Among retailers which are seen as ahead of their time we find Starbucks. Starbucks realizing the impact of having lower operating expenses made the change to LEDs in over 1000 stores and has a larger plan to retrofit 8000 stores over the world. With an ROI (return on investment) of more than 80% it was an easy switch.

Stores that retrofit to LED lighting can expect savings of up to 60-70% and with the Federal ban on incandescents coming soon we expect a great number of retailers making the switch soon. If all the retailers switched we could cut the global use of electricity by roughly $26 billion.

LED bulbs give a store the ability  to cut not only lighting costs but also the ability to cut their air-conditioning costs and help reduce the carbon footprint of the store. Also for every dollar invested in these LED lights, $10 or more can be saved over the life of the bulb! These savings are a combination of factors such as reductions in energy bills, air conditioning costs, replacement costs and maintenance. Real world examples show that each par38 flood light bulb of 65 watts can save around $30 every year.

LED lighting in Food Retail Establishments

Among the first to embrace LEDs have been retailers in the food industry. Food retailers benefit not only through cost savings but also through refrigeration costs.

Another great advantage when using LEDs in display cases is that LED bulbs offer directional light. Which is great for highlighting certain foods.


Light Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Lighting in retail stores is Crucial.

Low grade light fixtures offer poor color rendering. Meaning they do not present colors correctly, for a clothing retailer that can make a huge difference. Consumers expect their clothing purchases to look the same at home as it does in the store, so the store should mimic lighting found in most homes to avoid returns. There are not too many homes with stark looking fluorescents so retailers should avoid those at all costs. Instead they should use “warm” color lighting like the ones most people have in their homes.

Point of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase displays are the bread and butter of any store and a lot of thought goes into Pop displays. LEDs offer great benefits for pop displays, for one they last up to 50,000 hours meaning they will live through many display change-outs, also they have zero fade meaning they will not fade the colors of product packaging. they are also cool to the touch unlike incandescents and floods which have to be kept out of the reach of children.

Accent Lighting

Halogen floods have been the reigning champion of Accent lighting for many years. Accent lights perform the vital role of high lighting specific products in stores that have generally high light levels already. There have also been studies that have proven that consumers had a better perception of products under LED lights than the alternatives. Another benefit is their size they come in all shapes and sizes unlike CFL’s which pretty much keep the same form factor. They also give a more designer feel to a store rather than generic off the shelf feel.

Ready to give it a try?

LED bulbs can help a store to reduce energy costs, improve the look and feel of the store and decrease maintenance costs with their extremely long life. They are quickly entering into the market as a proven solution for stores looking to cut maintenance and energy costs. These bulbs also give a store a more environment conscious feel and can help with the stores image. Now a days with the competition as it is a store has to use whatever it can to stand out from the pack. Contact Albright today to get a detailed proposal to show you how much you could be saving.


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