Designed to Fill-in The Gap Between Portable Standby Generators


If you are looking to back up most or all of your home This is not the option for you, but it’s  good if you’re looking to back up your essential circuits when the power goes out. This generator is great if your looking to power up a few circuits and don’t want to power the entire house. It is the smallest standby generator made by Generac and was designed to give power to people looking to keep “just the essential” powered up during an outage. Sometimes all you need is to keep the heat and a sump pump running, with the convenience of a couple of lights and outlets. If that sounds like what your looking for this is the generator for you. It comes on automatically just like its bigger brothers and is also piped into your homes natural gas or propane supply.  It was designed to fill-in the gap between portable and larger standby generators. It is also the most economical of all standby generators and has a great warranty.

Compared to portable generators this is a far more dependable


option with features that make it easy to use,dependable and even sleek in appearance.

It has excellent serviceability as three out of the four sides come completely off to expose its powerful engine for service and maintenance.

The Corepower generator is smaller than other residential models but is fueled by a powerful OHV engine designed for reliability and long life.  It operates on your homes existing supply of LP or natural gas and despite its powerful engine, it’s quieter than the competition.  The LED status and fault indicator make it easy to monitor and the overall design of the model makes maintenance and installation stress-free and accessible.

Below you can see a video displaying all of the Corepowers features and benefits.



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