Generator Permit Process


What is the permit process?


[dropcaps style=” background_color=’#3366ff’ underline_height=” underline_color=”]M[/dropcaps]ost towns require four different permits and a review of the location from the zoning inspector in order to install a generator. The zoning inspector must review the survey of the home and the property lines to determine if the generator can be placed where the customer would like it. Every town has their own regulations governing how far a generator has to be from neighboring property lines, this is called the “side yard setback”. If it cannot go where the customer has chosen the inspector will usually offer some alternative locations. Most towns do not permit generators to be placed in front of a home, unless it is a considerable distance from the street and is screened with bushes to obscure the view.

[three_col_col2]Aside from zoning inspector review they’re also permits needed. Most towns require building, fire, electrical, and plumbing. Each one requires its own inspection and has its own regulations as far as what they’re looking for in a generator installation. Generally speaking the building inspector wants to check the foundation of the generator, the fire inspector wants to make sure there is an adequate distance between the generator to the home and that is not too close to any windows or doors, most manufacturers require 5′ from any opening including vents. The electrical inspector wants to make sure all the correct wire sizes were used and that the generator

[three_col_col3]will be able to handle the load it is connected to, as well as confirming that the installation meets code and the plumbing inspector wants to verify that the correct pipe sizes were used and that the pipe is supported.

This process can seem daunting if it is your first time installing a generator and may mean more than one visit from the inspectors until everything is up to par.

Albright secures all permits and inspections with the town as a courtesy for our customers. We have installations in most of Bergen County so we know what the inspectors want to see.




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