Electrical System Upgrade: Religious Facility

All eyes on Ridgewood NJ where Albright Electric was able to bridge the gap in growing Energy costs.

Albright was recently chosen to come up with a strategy for a local organization to help keep energy costs down.


“After our initial analysis we found huge areas where with the right system we could help the client to better manage energy consumption and thereby reduce costs”, says Richard. We took a good look at, not only the types of systems they had now, but also the way the building was used. We wanted our system to fit right into their daily lives without any learning curve or change of lifestyle. One thing was for sure, whatever system we put in there had to be efficient, economical and it had to make a significant impact on reducing direct costs to the customer. With energy costs constantly on the rise it’s nice to be able to say to your customer that they will definitely see a reduction in costs. We looked forward to the challenge, rolled our sleeves up and started designing a system.

First, we conquered the lighting which was terribly inefficient and wasting more energy than the light it put out, with some areas being as much as 63% inefficient. Then, we also looked to control their HVAC system, which previously would come on an hour before they needed it and just happened to be when peak demand was at its highest (time when it costs the most to use it). We came up with a plan that would integrate the Hvac and Lighting system allowing both to be conscious of the other and maximize the efficiency of both systems.

After some time designing a plan, it was time to present the proposal. We came up to bat, here’s the pitch and it was a grand slam… They loved it. Immediate savings, who doesn’t like to save?

They were happy because they were gonna save, we were happy because we could help. We moved quickly not wanting to waste anytime. We replaced about a hundred incandescent fixtures which only turned about 10% of their energy use into light. The rest is wasted as heat which also affects the hvac system causing it not only to fight exterior conditions, but also having to compensate for all the excess heat given off by the bulbs. (Some bulbs have a surface temperature as high as 1100°f.)

We then tackled the hvac system which was controlled by a series of toggle switches and thermostats that were nearly 40 years old. We installed new thermostats and remote temperature sensors which gave us the ability to not only know the temperature of the rooms they were installed in, but we could also poll, and see the temperature of any given area in the building. This helped because we could use that data to get an average of the whole building rather than just one area or room.

The system was installed and completed in early 2009 and to date they are saving on average about $15,000 a year, which comes to about $75,000 over five years. An ROI that they didn’t expect, but welcomed with open arms.

We were glad we had the opportunity to help in the fight against growing energy costs and look forward to whatever challenges the future holds. Going green is not a job its a responsibility.

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