Keep Your Business Running, Even in the Darkest of Times


It is estimated that in the U.S. every year, more than two million businesses experience a power outage lasting for at least eight hours or more.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that on average, power outages cost $80 billion per year


Since power outages cost $80 billion per year, and 98% of those losses come from the business sector. So among all sectors in the U.S. business owners have the most to lose. When power goes out its not just an inconvenience, its a threat to the business itself. Depending on the business type there are many immediate effects and even long-term after effects. If you lose power and your competitors don’t, you are instantly giving them the upper hand. Looking from the inside, this is the time when


employees can become idle, manufacturing processes are stilled causing long-term damage to equipment and products and computer systems can go down resulting in lost data.

A commercial generator can be sized for the specific needs of any business. Maybe you don’t need the entire facility or every office lit. Perhaps you only want to keep production operational. Whatever the case there is a solution through Albright as your installer and Generac as your generator supplier.

A business will really feel the benefits of a commercial generator when the power goes out and the employees don’t have to walk to the neighboring business to plug in a computer or phone. In fact, these are the times when the sharpest businesses can capitalize the most as they remain operational when the competition is down.

With a commercial generator its possible to be the only restaurant open on the block, the only gas station with fuel at the pump or the only coffee shop serving in the morning.



Below are a few benefits to having a standby generator installed for your business


Choose From Multiple Size Options to Meet Your Business Needs



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