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Loeb Orthodontics located in Oakland, NJ. With oral surgery and color matching Loeb Ortho needed bright crisp clean lighting. The two level office was lit entirely with antiquated T-12 fixtures, which gave dim lighting and a terrible CRI (Color Rendering Index) making it very difficult to see to fine details needed for oral surgery. From the beginning Dr. Loeb said he did not want the place to look “cold” with that stark flourescent white light. With numerous hurdles to jump we began to come up with a solution.


Annual Energy Reduction

10,643 KW

5 Year Savings


Percent of Lighting Savings







Albright Solution:

Albright removed the old prismatic 4 lamp T-12 fixtures and Installed new 3 lamp T-8 Parabolic fixtures, which gave double the light at almost half the cost. The fixtures and bulbs were matched to give a clean crisp light without being to white in color to give a cold feel to the office. The bulbs chosen were in the 2700 range (degrees of Kelvin) to give a warm feel and the parabolic reflector on the fixture gave great reflectance allowing the light to be distributed more evenly. Albright also did all the paperwork to secure Loeb Ortho an incentive from The New Jersey Clean Energy Program which took care of roughly 25% of the cost. Overall the job was completed in a day and the results were a dramatic improvement in light quality and a great reduction in costs.

Albright was able to install most ofthe retrofit during non-business hourswhile the Office was closed. Thishelped to reduce any inconvenience tothe patients and employees.

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